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How do I use my Tic:Toc card and make repayments?

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Using your Tic:Toc Visa Debit card

If you’ve chosen to have an offset account, you’ll be sent a Tic:Toc Visa Debit card, so you can use it to spend your savings. Carefully, of course.

A few things to know:

  • You can use your Tic:Toc card anywhere, including the 29,000 ATMS across Australia, and over 2,000 Bendigo Bank and Suncorp ATMs (with no transaction fee charge)
  • You can use it to buy stuff, as you would with any other Visa Debit or EFTPOS card
  • It’s a fast and very secure way to perform transactions
  • The following features aren't available (yet): Apple or Google Pay, OSKO or PayID - we're working on it

Making repayments

Making repayments is the un-fun part of having a home loan. But at least we can make it uncomplicated.

You can make repayments on the Bendigo Bank loan portal by;

  • Direct debit (‘AnyPay’)

The most painless way to pay off your home loan. It’s simply a direct debit you can set up through your online banking, which allows you to transfer money from one of your accounts to any other account with an Australian BSB and Account Number.

This means you can set up reoccurring payments to your home loan, so you don’t have to think twice about it.

  • BPAY

You can use BPAY to schedule your home loan repayments too. Using the online banking portal, we’ve made the management of your BPAY payments easier with the following features:

  • View all your BPAY payments previously created and those scheduled for a later date within the ‘Pending BPAY Payments’ screen
  • View all your BPAY payment records created for easier identification and bill management within the ‘BPAY Billers’ screen
  • Bill payment details can be added at any time without a payment being made

How do I redraw on my loan?

Redraw means you can access any additional payments you’ve made to your home loan. With Tic:Toc, you can do this whenever you want for free, using online banking.

How? Just select your home loan as the ‘From account’ when performing a funds transfer. You can transfer to another account, like a savings account, and it should be available to withdraw within 2 business days.

If you have an offset account, transfer the cash there, and you can use your Tic:Toc Visa Debit card to immediately withdraw the funds.

Things to know about redraw:

  • The minimum redraw amount is $1 per transaction
  • Redrawing on your loan won’t increase your repayments or extend the term of your home loan, as you’re simply withdrawing the extra payments you’ve made into your home loan
  • When performing a redraw, you (and your plus one) need to authorise the transaction. If this is annoying, and you want to allow individuals to transact independently, please give us a call on 08 7109 9010.

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