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Where can I get help to complete my application?

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The home loan application process can be complex and time consuming and you may be unsure about whether you have the relevant documentation or whether your credit history is good enough to qualify you for a loan.

Even though we’ve streamlined things as much as we can, you may still have questions regarding;

Can't find what you're after in our FAQs? If you’d like more info about your home loan application or you aren’t 100% sure what we're on about, here are the ways we can help you;

  • Livechat – just click on the chat box at the bottom right of the page and chat in real time to one of our home loan experts.
  • Phone - sometimes it's best to talk it out and the ‘Let's talk’ button is always available at the top of the page if you need our contact details.
  • Email – if you prefer, you can send us a written query any time at myenquiry@tictochomeloans.com.

At Tic:Toc, we’ve used our ground-breaking tech to strip the cost and complexity from home loans and our world class customer service is doing the same for the application process.

Our all-star cast of home loan specialists are here to solve your problems 7 days a week. They have more than 100 years of combined experience between them and they’re just a mouse click, phone call or email away.