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How do I submit a joint application?

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Just hit the apply now button to start an application, and follow the prompts.

There are a few points to consider when applying with your plus one. In order for us to consider your application:

  • You both need to be Australian citizens or permanent residents.
  • You both need to have ID details ready (such as your Driver's Licence, Passport or Medicare numbers).
  • For a refinance application: you both need to be listed on the current property title. If you are both noted as owners on the title, you must both be applicants to the new loan. We can’t consider loans involving guarantors.
  • You both, separately, need to provide details of your individual incomes, assets, and liabilities. We will ask the primary applicant first, and the secondary applicant afterwards.
  • You both, if you live together, need to provide a considered estimate of your combined expenses. If you live in separate households, you will be asked to estimate expenses for your household.
  • You both, separately, need to provide evidence of your financial position by securely linking your bank accounts, so we can access read-only copies of your bank statements. Or, you can manually upload copies of your statements.
  • You both, separately, need to disclose the dependents you support. We'll ask the primary applicant to include dependants they support jointly with you as well as any they support independently without you. If you're the secondary applicant, you'll only need to disclose any dependents you support independently of your plus one – joint dependants will have already been disclosed by the primary applicant.

Have any questions? Chat with us before you apply.